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Concrete acid stain reacts chemically with the mineral content of the concrete surface
penetrating deeply and permanently. The results are unmatched by any other process
and renders the wonderfully natural appearance of aged stone. There is simply no
better way to embellish new or old concrete.

Concrete Acid Stain evokes an Old World, rustic charm that imparts an inviting sense
of appeal unique to any other finishing product. Choose one of the many colors
carefully. Because of the deep chemical reaction with the surface of your concrete
slab, Concrete Chemical (Acid) Stain will not wear off like paints and other stains.

We can create custom designs without being inhibited by cost constraints. Each
concrete slab, new or old, yields a distinctive mottled or variegated effect that
replicates the look of terracotta tile, marble, or limestone with remarkable accuracy.  
Perfect for interior or exterior, dens, hallways, on-slab construction, basement floors,
restaurants, pubs, patios, or garages, the possibilities are endless!

Why we at CCSI Marble Care and Decorative Concrete use Chemical (Acid) Stain:

•  Concrete Acid Stain etched into the surface will not  wear off.
•  It is a reasonably inexpensive alternative to tile, slate, or marble.
•  It has the natural mottled or variegated appearance of real stone.
•  It is very easy to maintain.
•  There is unlimited design flexibility.
•  Available in eight rich colors: