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Cost Effective. CCSI Marble Care & Decorative Concrete, rehabilitates
mechanical dust-free diamond concrete grinding and polishing system.

Concrete Polishing will transform your floor into a beautiful, functional, low
maintenance, high performance floor without the use of topical coatings.

With little or no down time or loss of business while your work is completed,
your concrete floor is mechanically prepared, sealed and hardened, then
diamond polished to a brilliant surface finish.         


Concrete Polishing Benefits:

1. The Floor Is Beautiful:  Concrete polishing dramatically enhances new or
existing concrete by increasing the density, reflectance and shine of the
concrete, producing a brilliant marble like luster.

The Floor Is Strengthened:   Concrete sealing,   densification,   and
polishing has been shown to increase the wear resistance and resilience of
concrete surfaces. The end result is a resilient surface wear zone that wears
like the aggregate it surrounds, adding years of useful life to your floor.

The Floor Is Repaired:   Concrete polishing can be accomplished even on
rained out slabs and can be completed with other necessary floor
rehabilitation work such as joint curl repair,  surface crack repair, etc.

The Floor Can Breathe: The number one cause of concrete coatings failure
is hydrostatic pressure building up under the coating. Polished concrete can
breath, allowing moisture to escape while not allowing salts or efflorescence
to form, at the same time increasing surface spill resistance.

Concrete Polishing Is Cost Effective:  Generally, the costs for polished
concrete is equal to or less than the cost of other concrete coating systems, but
that's not where the savings end.  Because concrete coating systems can
potentially fail due to de-lamination, cracking, fading, staining, yellowing,
and wear through resulting in upkeep, the true value of a polished concrete
floor must be measured by it’s strength, durability and beauty in addition to it’
s long term floor maintenance cost savings.

Environmentally Friendly:  The concrete polishing process is a mechanical
dust-free surface preparation system utilizing our diamond honing and
polishing system in conjunction with a concrete densifing product, low
VOC's, with minimal interference in your day to day operations.

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